Stop carrying bulky music stands around!

Use the Stealth Stand® anywhere

Tired of carrying clunky music stands around? Want a better view of the jam session without your music getting in the way? Stressed out by flimsy “foldable” music stands that fall over and fall apart?

The Stealth Stand® is a small portable music stand that fits in your pocket or instrument case. It securely holds sheet music, books — even cell phones and tablets. Fasten it to your desk or instrument case, or strap it to your knee to use the Stealth Stand® anywhere!

Use the Stealth Stand® anywhere!

Stealth Stand mounted on mic stand

On your mic stand

Stealth Stand mounted on instrument stand

On your instrument stand

Stealth Stand mounted on guitar case

On your instrument case

Stealth Stand on leg with book

Even on your knee!

The Stealth Stand base unit

You can even chain several Stealth Stands® together for more options!

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Do more with Stealth Add-Ons!

The Stealth Clamp

Phone and Tablet Holder

Stealth Stand media clamp

Mount your phone or tablet to your knee or other surface with our burly Stealth Clamp.

The Stealth Tray

Page and Binder Holder

Stealth Stand page tray - back

Display multiple pages and ring binders on your Stealth Stand, just like a standard music stand.

Transport your Stealth Stand accessories easily:

The Stealth Pak

Tote Bag

Stealth Stand tote bag

Pack all of your Stealth add-ons in this tough canvas tote.

The Stealth Pouch

Shoulder Bag

Have everything you need for the jam over your shoulder!

The Full Kit

Save $25!

Stealth Stand Full Kit

Your Stealth Stand base unit and all of the must-have add-ons!

The Stealth Stand® Adventure

Stealth Stand® inventor Braeden Lewis at Bela Fleck’s Blue Ridge Banjo Camp, August 2023 — the maiden flight!

🔹 Braeden invents a music stand that straps to your knee!

🔹 Starts using Stealth Stand® at jam sessions, people line up to get one

🔹 Braeden goes to Bela Fleck’s Blue Ridge Banjo Camp and shows the Stealth Stand® to Bela… and Bela says “That’s awesome, I want one!”

🔹 Braeden immediately files for a patent. “Time to marry this thing!” he says.

🔹 Braeden takes the Stealth Stand® to the NAMM Show where it is a huge hit, and everyone wanted one

🔹 Braeden and his Stealth Stand® gnomes start making them in his basement, and now you can order one! Scroll down to get your Stealth Stand® now…

🔹 Braeden goes on to invent a phone holder, and a tray for pages & binders, that attach to the Stealth Stand. This thing is on fire!

“The Stealth Stand is my new music camp handout holder. I was always looking for a chair, trying to see my music on the floor, or watching my music slip off my lap, which was a hassle. It is also great at outdoor jams were conventional MUSIC STANDS are cumbersome and difficult to transport. As I am transitioning from paper to phone or pad, the stand can easily hold all on my knee or desk where it is currently living as I write this review. On a desk it is perfect to hold paper or pad for a better viewing angle and is stable enough that you can finger the devices without it tipping. I love this thing”

– Mark Bauserman, WA

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